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DP Aviation has become a valuable team member with our Clients and Customers by instituting a proactive business strategy based on the following:

  • Win new business
  • Maintain current business
  • Address a variety of business issues
  • Establish relationships at all levels and disciplines
  • Seek new opportunities
  • Determine Customer needs

This strategy has led to several major accomplishments.  Some of the more recent accomplishments are listed below:

Task:  Protect Client’s current business, protect future business from aggressive International competitor, and increase Client’s status at Boeing.

Result:  Initiated action and provided critical assistance to purchase a Boeing owned company that doubled the Client’s sales and helped to secure the Client’s long-term future with Boeing for their products ranging from $500,000 to $2,500,000 per aircraft.


Task:  Represent Client, a first time Boeing supplier, to win its first job on 777 and grow their sales.

Result:  Client won the 777 contract.  Later, DPA assisted the Client in winning major contracts on all Boeing Aircraft, and a 787 contract in excess of $250,000 per aircraft.


Task:  Represent a first time Boeing supplier, in a joint 3 supplier effort, on a significant system for the 787.

Result:  Assisted the Client and the two other suppliers in winning the 787 contract with a value of $75,000 per aircraft.


Task:  Assist Client in the introduction of a new technology to Boeing engineering for the 787.

Result:  Won contracts for two major new technology products with a value in excess of $250,000 per aircraft.


Task:  Adapt to changes in Boeing Procurement Strategy developed to increase the purchasing authority of Tier 1 Partners to Boeing.

Result:  Assisted in developing strategies and winning contracts from Tier 1 Partners inside and outside the USA.  For example, introducing a Client to a Tier 1 supplier and assisting the Client in winning a major contract on the 787 for over $120,000 per aircraft.


Task:  Represent first time Supplier to Boeing, against a long-term established competitor.

Result:  Won first contract on Client’s first opportunity for 747-8.  Client received strong indication from Boeing for significant increase in future opportunities.

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